Welcome to my E-Portfolio. This E-Portfolio is designed, maintained and hosted by Alex Kelly a CS Major at Clemson University. This website represents my opinions and ideas and is not supported by anyone else at Clemson University other than myself. Feel free to look around and click around on the site! You will find a lot of information about me including a brief bio, my projects I'm currently working on and a little about my personal life.


About Me

-Who am I?

I am Alexander Kelly. Most people call me Alex and a few call me AJ, depending on how they know me. I am a Junior majoring in Computer Science at Clemson University. I transferred to Clemson from Greenville Tech in August 2010. Once I earn my degree, my goal is to join the law enforcement field and help protect data and stop malicious hackers. I have wanted to be a "legal hacker" ever since I first saw the movie Hackers. I also have been a mobile developer for both Android and iOS devices for the last four years. I have been programming using Java as one of my main backgrounds for 7 years as well. My interest in computer science started as a hobby and has now progressed in to an obsession. I enjoy processing and programming complex data algorithims, decrypting data and finding new methods to solve problems.

-My Personal Life

As a college student and an explorer, a personal life is hard to maintain... However on the rare occasion I do have free time, I enjoy doing various tasks such as: skating, photography, running, swimming, programming, gaming and doing school work. When possible, I try to spend time with my girlfriend as well. I also enjoy being an explorer for a local police agency. As an explorer, I train as the officers would train at the academy and I'm allowed to ride with the officers when they work. This training helps strengthen my self-discipline and reinforce my ultimate goal.

-My Skills

I am able to develop in a wide variety of languages including PHP, AJAX, HTML, css, Java, C++, XCode, C, Android (java technically) and .NET (C# and VB). Additionally, I have expeirence with matlab.

-About This Site

This site was designed by me, coded by me and written by me. I used the same template for another personal site of mine, but have vastly modified this version. This site is written mainly in PHP along with AJAX and some SQL. The source code to this site can be requested by emailing ajkelly (at) clemson (dot) edu.

-What is SoftCoders?

SoftCoders.net is a domain I own along with SoftCoders.org. It is a free lance programming business that I hope to implement and use fully in the future. For now it's just a catch all server for my personal testing and developing.


SQL Demo App - Summer 2011

This application is a demo application designed to show of SQL queries written in C#. It's a small app, and has about 300 lines of code, but it shows how to connect and get data from MySQL servers. Feel free to download the source here.

Ray Tracer - Spring 2011

The ray tracer was designed in C++ for CPSC 212. This ray tracer implements a photon mapper that stores the collected photons in a kd-tree, and will generate an image based on a input file. Additionally, the ray tracer does render caustics and is optimized for use on multiple core machines. The project was assigned by Dr. Duchowski and the requirements can be seen here.

Here is an image the ray tracer produced:

Download Image: PPM Version JPG Version

Status: Completed - Download Source

LinkMail - Spring 2011

This project is to design an email client that allows users to send emails and create a contact list for CPSC 215 written in Java. On this project, I designed and implemented the GUI to it's entirety along with the classes and functions excluding some back end which was coded by my partner Gabriel Fair. This program allows users to add contacts to a list and then allows them to send an email by double clicking the user or by clicking File->New Email. The program has been throughly tested and can also be used as an email address spoofer if the SMTP server does not require Authentication. The program is complete for now, however in the future more features will be added.


Main Dialog of the image

For a copy of the source, email ajkelly (at) gmail (dot) com
Status: Completed

BeSocratic - iPad

Based on the current project BeSocratic which is written in SilverLight by Sam Bryfczynski, my current task is to create a port of the program that runs natively on the iPad. I am the head iPad developer for this project and have been working to get a port over for the upcoming Creative Inquiry at Clemson University.

Status: In Development

Pickens County Sheriff's Office Explorers

Currently, I am developing a website (au gratis) for the Picken's County Sheriff's Office Explorer post 138. The website is located at http://pcsoexplorer.com and is not completed at this time. Once completed, the web site will include a profiling system, a user management system and a complete overhall since their last site was hacked and there were no backups.

Status: In Development

Anderson County Sheriff's Office Explorers

This project at this time is a volunteer project that I hope to be able to furnish the explorer post with so they have a way of communicating with people over the internet. At this time, I am drawing up a few different desings in hopes that the Anderson County Sheriff's Office will approve said designs to be implemented.

Status: In Design

Have a project?

Email me at ajkelly (at) clemson (dot) edu and we can discuss more.

General Education Competencies

Arts and Humanities
AH1:  Demonstrate an understanding of the arts and humanities in historical and cultural contexts.
Critical Thinking
CT1:  Demonstrate the ability to critically analyze the quality and utility of knowledge gained throughout the undergraduate experience and apply this knowledge to a wide range of problems.
Cross-Cultural Awareness
CC1:  Demonstrate the ability to critically compare and contrast world cultures in historical and/or contemporary contexts.
Ethical Judgment
EJ1:  Demonstrate an ability to identify, comprehend, and deal with ethical problems and their ramifications in a systematic, thorough, and responsible way.
MA1:  Demonstrate mathematical literacy solving problems, communicating concepts, reasoning mathematically, and applying mathematical or statistical methods, using multiple representations where applicable.
Natural Sciences
NS1:  Demonstrate scientific literacy by explaining the process of scientific reasoning and applying scientific principles inside and outside of the laboratory setting.
Science and Technology in Society
ST1:  Demonstrate an understanding of issues created by the complex interactions among science, technology, and society
Social Sciences
SS1:  Demonstrate an understanding of social science methodologies in order to explain the causes and consequences of human actions.
Library 100
LIB1:  Clemson Connect. You need to tag an artifact to this competency if you are a student who entered Clemson in the fall of 2010 or after.
  • Mission Transition Essay
  • This is the mission transition essay required for the LIB 100 class. This essay is required for all transfer students, and demonstrates the ideas of my transfer from a Technical College. The essay attach shows the ability to reflect on my self and past.