Startup Atlanta & Site Updates

by Alex

I visited the Startup Atlanta Tech Square event tonight. It was pretty awesome meeting a lot of the local Atlanta startups, and I'm especially grateful I met with the founders of Cloudigy and Cinchapie. (to those I didn't meet, let's meet next time!) I was very surprised to see the turnout at the Atlanta startup crawl, and I'm happy to see how it's fast it's growing. There's a lot more I'd like to write about the startup crawl; however, I'm a bit exhausted from a day of travel, networking, and programming.

Oh, speaking of programming - you may notice that I've added some applications to the "projects" page above. As I was flying to Atlanta, I converted my old PHP controller into a new Python controller, and I've added the javascript to support the charts. I've got some cleanup to do, but you can now officially see my home energy usage for Austin. In general, if you see a 2KW surge, that's usually my AC. The 5KW surge is my dryer. The time is a bit off due to my server using UTC and the timezone you may be in, but it's still fun to look at.

A few notes about the energy data.

  • It's completely live and accurate within 0.5 watts.
  • The charts were written using D3
  • There's more data controllers I've added, but I haven't enabled the JS yet
  • I plan to add filtering to the charts to cut down the size of the data set
  • I plan to lazy load the charts so that they don't kill the user experience

For my next update, I plan on adding email alerts for blog posts (optional), a chrome notification feature for my posts, and a link to download various code snippets from my site. The last portion is already halfway working, but I want to be able to post my projects and snippets together.


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